Listening Project

The listening project is an in house objective started by The Doorway in the late summer of 2017. The listening project is a place for discussion and contribution of content that helps important issues be heard in our community. To talk about social issues, social barriers, policies, systems and more. It’s The Doorway’s online symposium to bring YOUR voice to our community and the world.

The Doorway’s mission has always been dual-focused, to support young people leaving the street and to support community members who want to help/

We continue to support young people – 1195 to date. From listening to them we have learned about the struggles of:
Mental health

These topics are not exclusive to the streets. We’ve listened and know that they are impacting your loved ones, community members and YOU! We are creating a space to LISTEN AND LEARN from each other and determine what needs to change to better our society. For ALL.

As we welcome young people to rejoin society it is our due diligence to ensure that society is adequate.

Join The Listening Project either as an Advocate or Witness:

Advocate– ‘ to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly’. Grow exposure and stimulate conversation by following, liking, sharing, commenting, replying.. EVERYBODY is invited to do this by adding our Blog to your favourites and/or following our social medias.

Add to your address book and bring awareness to topics, articles, photos, memes, videos and blog posts worth discussing and sharing.

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Witness – ‘one who has personal knowledge of something’
Add The Listening Project to your favourites!
Teach community critical realities and challenge perspectives by submitting stories that illustrate critical realities in our community. We believe storytelling (sharing our story) is the strongest method for leading society members into learning and growing a deeper understanding.

Relevant to previous or upcoming focuses of our symposium
Personal stories related to social issues, social barriers, systems etc. that you see value in sharing with others.
*As a witness this does not always have to be your story but sharing on behalf of another.