Our Board of Directors

Marilyn Dyck (Executive Director) (1988)

Marilyn Dyck is a founder and current Executive Director of The Doorway. From a pilot experiment to a Community of Practice, she has invested 25 years of leadership in offering an innovative business planning option to engage long term street dependent young people in their self-determined choices to build personal economic independence and participation in mainstream economy and community. Marilyn has a B.A. in Sociology and is an active presenter, member and current International Board Member of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS).

Eric Dahl (2016)

Eric is a new board member of The Doorway. He was inspired to get involved after learning about the effectiveness of their system in getting youth off the streets. He is the founder of Dahlars Inc., a company that holds multiple eCommerce brands in the kitchen, office, and baby categories. Brands owned by Dahlars have products manufactured overseas and imported to North American markets. As a Member of the Board, Eric brings product development skills and a youthful perspective on how to integrate established organizations into the online world.

Jim Empey (2016)

James M. Empey is a seasoned executive with a track record of proven leadership and broad based business experience. Currently he is VP and CFO of a private company The Bodtker Group of Companies. He has held senior level executive positions in finance, operations and business development in both private and public companies. James looks forward to contributing to the further development and The Doorway’s continued success story.

Andrew Hunter B.A., B.Ed. (2016)

Andrew is an elementary school teacher with The Calgary Board of Education. He has been involved with The Doorway since 2007 filling many roles at different times as an employee, volunteer, and society member. Andrew believes deeply in The Doorway’s approach to community building and is honored to have the opportunity to serve as a Director of the Board.

John Leduc (Chair) (2015)

John Leduc is the Chief Transformation Officer for Results Canada Inc. and The Doorway’s Board Chair.

Brent Olynyk (2016)

Brent is a Partner at Lead 2 Perform, and has been involved in client projects related to operations, leadership and safety in a variety of industries, Not for Profit/NGO’s, and Forestry throughout Canada, USA and Asia. Brent represented Canada at the 2000 Olympic Games in Australia and his passion for high performance and excellence has continued after his athletic career through the work that he has done supporting Lead 2 Perform’s clients, and at The Doorway.